Sunday, August 21, 2011

Baby giggles

I had to get this video on here right away because it's just SO dang funny!
Preston loves Oliver!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Pish Posh Cuteness

He's quite the little roller. He always seems to be shocked once he ends up on his back though, like he has no clue what just happened to him

He's also a little kickin machine. It's so cute, except when I have him laying in bed with me & he kick, kick, kicks me in my side!

He occasionally sleeps with his eyes open... Steve came home from work one day & started talking to him, until I said shhhhh, it may not look like it, but he's sleeping! As a rule of thumb if his eyes are focused on something & he's not squirming all around then he's asleep!

Independence Day

We had a great 4th of July weekend. On Sunday the 3rd we went over to Steve's boss' house, they were having their 2nd annual 4th party at there beach house. Lots of food, & LOTS of babies! There have been about 7 HP babies born in the last year alone, with 2 sets of twins included in that!
This year was lots different than last year for us, last year was all about drinking, volleyball & playing in the water... This year we were just happy hanging out & showing off our sweet little addition.

On the 4th we attempted to go to the beach, but traffic was terrible & there was no parking. So instead we made a trip to Wal Mart & got ourselves a blow up pool! It ended up being much more convenient for us anyway!
Preston wasn't sure what to think of his first pool adventure, he loves the water but I think he was a bit confused as to why it wasn't warm, cozy water like we usually put him in!

After we got all rested up from the pool we set off for our usual place to watch the sunset, & see fireworks!

 Beautiful evening

All those lights in the background make it look like a city, but it's just a whole lotta boats back there!

The firework show was great, unfortunately Preston decided to lose his patience about 5 minutes before the show started... There was nothing we could do but laugh & head back to the car. He ended up falling asleep in his sling on the long walk back, so Steve & I got to stop & watch the fireworks after all! 

Preston at play

This little guy loves playtime. Well, when he's in the mood for it anyway... And he is always sure to let me know If he would rather read a book, play on his playmat, sit in his bumbo... He's good at telling me just whats on his mind.

He really digs his little birdie & owl friends

He hasn't quite warmed up to the squirrel yet...
 His arch nemesis... (cue dramatic music)

 Amazed at the intricacies of his hand-made blankie

Dreaming of a day when he can grab his toys with ease

Jammin out

Thursday, June 23, 2011

First dip in the Gulf

My favorite part of the day is when Steve gets home from work & we hop in the car with little P & go watch the sunset on the beach. We usually try to do this a few times a week. Well it's been super toasty out during the day so it heats the water up nice & warm for us in the evening. It's been looking pretty tempting to just jump in, so we wore our swim attire this weekend to do just that! If I would have been thinking I would've put Preston in his little swim trunks too, as it ended up being his first dip in the ocean!

                                    Prestons tiny little toes feeling salt water for the first time
                                                                    I think he liked it!
              Here's that jump in the water that I've been craving. I was sans Preston for this :)
 That little dot on the left of the picture? It's Steve snorkeling. He lasted only a couple of minutes before coming back in due to getting "a creepy feeling" while out there... I think somebodys been watching too many shark shows!

The first time our little guy felt the sand under his feet

                                                          He's just taking everything in

                After playing at the beach it was time for a bath. I just love this naked chubby baby!

Bad hair day?

Who woulda thought that my little 10 week old baby boy could have a bad hair day? It made me chuckle last week when I was in a hurry to leave so Steve was helping by making sure everything was in the diaper bag. As me & Preston were headed out the door Steve was listing off what he put in there & the last item was a comb. Hehehe, I already have to travel with a comb?!? :)

My perfect kind of morning. Clean house, book, cup of creamer with a dash of coffee... sun shining in & my precious sleeping baby in my lap. It makes my heart happy.

The joy of the coo

Preston has really started cooing & smiling alot these last couple of weeks! It is just the most exciting thing for Steve & I! He'll concentrate really hard on your face & especially your mouth when you're talking. We just cannot get enough of it! It's actually pretty hard to capture on video because as soon as he spots the camera or phone he'll stare away at that & forget all about the conversation he was having with us! Silly little boy!